“We step in as your trusted partner to guide you through the sometimes confusing world of aviation. We look out for your best interests and help you make good decisions.”

Evaluation & Acquisition

At Elephants & Monkeys Consulting LLC, we can help you find the best aircraft to suit your needs. Whether you have already selected the type of aircraft you want or you’re starting from scratch, we can identify the best new or used aircraft to suit your requirements. We can also help you negotiate the purchase agreement and find financing.

Our typical package of acquisition services consists of: 

   -  Reviewing client requirements and preferences

   -  Providing aircraft technical evaluation 

   -  Locating suitable aircraft (new and used)

   -  Advising on aircraft configuration and options 

   -  Reviewing and negotiating the aircraft purchase agreement 

   -  Locating and evaluating aircraft financing

   -  Performing a pre-buy inspection and customer flight

   -  Inspecting and accepting the aircraft at delivery

   -  Reviewing tax implications and minimizing exposure to the owner 

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