At Elephants & Monkeys Consulting, we have years of experience ensuring aircraft interiors and exterior paint are designed, engineered and installed to exceed the owner’s expectations.

Whether configuring a new aircraft, or upgrading an older one, we can:  

  -  Recommend and help select an interior designer 

  -  Supervise design of your customized VIP interior

  -  Assist with completion center selection 

  -  Review and negotiate a completion agreement 

  -  Develop a detailed completion specification 

  -  Review and monitor the status of interior component suppliers 

  -  Review, monitor and manage interior weight issues

  -  Act as the owner’s on-site representative during painting and interior completion 

  -  Provide interior and systems training and instruction to the owner’s maintenance and operations personnel 

  -  Select and outfit interior amenities and equipment

  -  Set up subscriptions for entry into service

  -  Provide on-site post-delivery support at the owner’s home base or at the aircraft’s location

  -  Coordinate registration and certification issues with your finance company and local regulatory authority

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“No matter where in the world you decide to have your aircraft completed, we are your eyes and ears to make sure the quality of the installation exceeds your highest expectations.”

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